A Message from Mr. Hedger, 7-12 Secondary Principal

Mr. Hedger

Dear Parents and Guardians,

BE MORE! This is the theme I challenged the students and staff in the Jr. High and High School to embrace at the start of the school year. Embracing the mantra has helped provide new opportunities for our students and lead our school into a new era of growth and excellence. There is no doubt our students and staff have embraced this challenge and there are some great things happening because of it. Here are a few examples of the many great things happening at LoMa over the past two months.

  • Twenty-three of our students and three staff members are spending a week in Washington, D.C.

  • We had a team, under Mr. Thompson's leadership, compete in the State Financial Challenge for the first time. They placed first at Regionals and will compete at the State Competition later this spring.

  • Mr. Krueger has started a new SkillsUSA student organization at school to help grow our student opportunities in the construction trades.

  • The new dome facility is under construction and other improvements for classrooms and facilities, that will improve opportunities for students, are happening soon.

  • Our science department, through the work of Mr. Killpack, has been awarded a $40,000 grant to improve our Agricultural opportunities for students.

  • Six of our students are spending two weeks in Spain with Mrs. Lopez.

There are so many other great opportunities and achievements for our students and staff that could fill several pages. We are growing and seeing new opportunities every week.

These opportunities are only able to happen because of the support we receive from so many. We are grateful for the support from the families and community who not only trust us, but provide support in so many generous ways. Whether it be donations for events, partnering with student organizations, or being parents who support their students at home, each of your contributions are an encouragement. Thank you!

In addition to support for our students and their education, our school staff appreciates the ongoing support from parents and community. Spring provides several opportunities to support specific people and LoMa.

  • April 3rd - Paraprofessional appreciation day

  • April 4th - Librarian appreciation day

  • April 23rd - Bus driver appreciation day

  • April 24th - Administrative professionals day

  • May 3rd - School lunch hero day

  • May 6th - Teacher appreciation week

Please take a moment in the next month to find a way to thank a teacher or staff member of Logan-Magnolia. Write a thank you, send a card, make a social media post. Anything that will communicate your appreciation for the Logan-Magnolia staff would be appreciated. They really do work extremely hard to create a positive and high quality education environment for the students.

Lastly, it is with a great deal of enthusiasm that I would like to thank the school board for trusting me to be the next Superintendent at LoMa. I am truly grateful and humbled for the opportunity. I would like to thank those of you who have shown an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement to me and my family. There is no doubt that without the support of so many this would not have been a possibility.

The next step in the transition was to hire a new principal, which has now happened. The district is excited about what is ahead with the hiring of Blake Dickinson as the next 7-12 principal. We welcome Blake and his wife Avery, along with their three children, to the LoMa community.

There are some great things on the horizon at LoMa! I am excited for our future together as we strive to accomplish greatness. As stated in my first LoMa Leader message this school year, I challenge you to help our students and staff to BE MORE! As we move into a new era of Panther Pride I ask for your support for our students and staff. Continue to pour into them with encouraging words, partnerships, and generosity. It is only together that we can truly make the biggest impact for our future.


Jacob Hedger, 7-12 Principal