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Driver's Education Fall Registration Deadlines Document

 Drive Right, LLC Driver Education


Logan-Magnolia CSD

February-April 2023

       Logan-Magnolia CSD and Drive Right, LLC will next offer driver education services for the spring 2023.  The format of the course includes three components: 30 hours of online class, parent-led driving lessons, and a driving evaluation conducted by a Drive Right Instructor.  Cost is $299.


Component 1: Online Class

Students will complete 30 online classes from February to April.  Students will complete the classes when convenient for their schedules.  Up to three classes may be completed per day.


Component 2: Parent-Led Driving Lessons

Parents will receive 10 detailed, easy to follow driving lessons to be facilitated to their child.  Driving lessons will include city, highway, gravel, parking and expressway to build safe and knowledgeable driving skills and habits. 


Component 3: Drive Right Instructor Evaluation

Students will complete a driving evaluation to complete their driver education course.  Evaluations will be conducted from Logan-Magnolia High School.  Spring evaluation dates will be Sunday April 2, 2023 or Saturday April 22, 2023.



Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Iowa Department of Transportation Certificate of Completion.  Students will then be able to obtain their school permit or intermediate license when eligible.



Please register anytime to begin classes in February or March.  Register at:



Please contact Drive Right with any further questions.


Tim Hungerford, CEO